A mob-fantasy, transmedia storyworld launched as both an app for mobile/VR and TV show.


A relational media process/platform to support people in developing and pursuing their passion.

Spread Love

A positive lifestyle movement using new media storytelling to benefit local charity initiatives.


A fictional cross-media interactive experience where you clean up after gruesome murders.

These are stories that you experience as a participant. Your actions impact and shape the narrative.


A twisted adventure/thriller about three Youtubers who travel to Northern Canada in search of the supernatural. (Feature)


[Death of a Travelling Life Insurance Salesman]
A hard drama fiction about a hitman and a motel lobby clerk. (Feature)


A psychological thriller about a severe OCD victim who witnesses a murder from his apartment balcony. (Feature)

The Union

A light drama feature about a bartender at a wedding reception who befriends the bride’s hammered sister. (Feature)


Series of short films supported within Rubicommunity.

These are stories that you follow as a spectator. You don't have any control over what happens in the narrative.